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Classes are held on:   TUESDAYS 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Beginners Class:         8:00pm - 8:40pm

Freestyle dancing:       8:40pm - 9:00pm

Intermediate Class:     9:00pm - 9:30pm

Freestyle dancing:       9:30pm - 11:00pm 


Entry:    £7.50 per person (no matter what time you arrive)

We teach 3 different beginner moves each week to make up a routine. It is absolutely essential that you don't move up to intermediate level until you feel completely comfortable with the beginner moves - we advise that, for everyone's comfort, you should have been to at least 6 beginner classes before attempting any intermediate moves.

We encourage ALL experienced dancers to take part in the beginner classes every week to provide valuable support to 'new dancers' - this will also serve as a reminder of how the moves should be carried out, just in case any of you have picked up 'bad habits' along the way...


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Our Dance Classes are held every Tuesday night at Waterlooville Community Centre where jive enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities come along and join us for a fun-filled evening of jive to music, provided by our resident DJ, Andy Kale. Our freestyle evenings provide you with the opportunity to request your favourite dance tracks.

You don't need to come with a partner  and you will soon meet lots of new friends.  Don't worry if you miss a week - just turn up the next week and carry on with the next lesson. 

Dancers of ALL LEVELS are welcome, whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced. We provide extra 1-2-1 coaching for beginners for as long as it is required - our 'on duty' Coaches are on hand throughout the evening to provide support and guidance on how to improve your routine. We also have 'taxi dancers' who are happy to help you practice your moves on the dance floor - they're a friendly bunch so please feel free to ask them for a dance!


We have many regulars who come along and support us every week. The majority of our dancers live in and around Portsmouth and neighbouring areas, although quite a few are willing to travel from much further afield to be with us.  Please do come and join us - we would LOVE to see you!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you usually drink tap water during the evening please bring along your own bottle, glass or cup, which can be filled with tap water at the bar and is 'free of charge'.


Be sure to wear sensible shoes that support the foot, preferably with leather soles to allow for easy movement. Do not wear shoes with soles that slip or grip (ie. trainers).

STILETTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED (they damage the floor!)