This year again, we are hoping that our 'FESTIVE GLITTER BALL' will be a night to remember!  We look forward to welcoming all our regular dancers as well and hope to see some new faces too - everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun!

Our resident DJ, Andy Kale will be playing many of his usual festive tunes.  If you want him to play any of your favourites, be sure to get your requests in early and he will do his best to oblige. 

We are hiring the LARGE HALL for this event so Andy, and his equipment, will be up on the stage to give everyone more room for dancing!

There will be a fun beginner lession followed by freestyle dancing for the rest of the evening... Please bring along your own food for your table.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be our last for 2022 - we will be closed for 4 weeks over the festive season and will re-open on TUESDAY 10 JANUARY 2023

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Our 'Halloween' Dance night on Tuesday 25 October 2022 was well attended.  We were very pleased to see so many people there and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did.
Quite a few interesting (& fairly scary) costumes were on show and the photos we took can be found on our 'Gallery' page.
Although we invite our dancers to wear costumes for our themed events, we know that there are quite a few people who don't like to dress up, so we want everyone to know that they are welcome, no matter whether they dress up or not! 

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Most of our regulars will know & recognize DEV GADGIL as one of our long-standing and well-respected dancers.  He has just completed his 20th London Marathon at the ripe young age of 78, which is a fantastic achievement...
He began running in the London Marathon in 1997 when his wife was diagnosed with Cancer - a year later, she sadly passed away (he also lost his Mum & Dad to Cancer).

Every year since then, he has taken it upon himself to raise as much money as he can for Cancer Research and so far, he has raised a huge total of £40,000 for this very deserving cause.  In 2019 he made the decision to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society instead that year - another very deserving cause.

Very well done Dev - you’re absolutely amazing!

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From (Monday 28 March 2022) we relaxed our covid-19 entry requirements.  We will no longer ask to see an NHS registered Lateral Flow Test, as we know that access to free tests have ended.
However, please do not attend our classes if you are feeling unwell, have a sore throat or cold-like symptoms.

We intend to do everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone and do not wish to exclude anyone.

In the Dance Hall

The hall will be ventilated as much as possible and there will be hand sanitizer available in various locations (please do bring your own as well in case we run out on the night). We would ask that not too many people populate the dance floor at one time, allowing a reasonable distance between each couple.
Wearing a mask is not compulsory whilst dancing, but you may wear one if you wish.

Please remember: Dancing is not without risk and we cannot guarantee everyone’s safety. 
We can only do our best and ask that everyone who attends will do the same.