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Dance Workshops

We are delighted to be hosting a selection of modern jive workshops, to be held throughout the year. To give you the best experience we are limiting numbers, so please book, or register your interest early. 


We will confirm dates and venues when we know what level of interest we have for each workshop.

All of the workshops are great value at just £20 per person for 3hrs in a small intimate class with lots of opportunity to ask questions, and practice with our instructors. You're absolutely guaranteed a great time!

Modern jive workshops

Clarity & Confidence Builder

Suitable for dancers of 4 weeks or more

AIM: To nail lead and follow techniques, to refine beginner moves, & kickstart your freestyle.

Top tips for each of the beginner moves to improve your lead and follow with lots of opportunity to practice. The second half will focus on how to link your favourite moves to become a confident freestyle dancer.

Guaranteed lots of fun, and lots of light bulb moments to be had!

Repertoire & Razzle

Suitable for anyone dancing 12 weeks or more

AIM: To add some variety and style to your freestyle dancing.

Hints, tips and tricks to increase your repertoire of moves with some added razzle and dazzle. Including sabotage moves, body waves and moves with sits and swings!

Have fun finding your inner dance diva.

Leans, Dips & Seducers

Suitable for dancers of 6 months or more

AIM: to be able to confidently and safely lead and follow a range of stylish dips, leans and seducers.


Learn and practice all the safety aspects and techniques of leans, dips and seducers.  Part 2 of the workshop will be how to incorporate your new moves into your freestyle dancing.

Poise and Pose!

Ladies Styling

Suitable for dancers of 4 weeks or more

AIM: To build confidence to own the move...  and the dance floor!

Working from head to toe building confidence to add style and flare. Lots of tips, encouragement (and maybe a few G&Ts!) to develop your own unique style. Why not book as a group of 4  for fabulous fun with loads of giggles?

Ladies... Come and embrace your inner dancing queen!

Slow and Stylish

Suitable for anyone dancing 12 weeks or more.

AIM: To be able to confidently dance to the slower tracks with style and ease.


Learn and practice how to dance to a slower tempo of music with style and ease.  Hints and tips to be expressive and relaxed, including some tango, blues and rhondes!

Learn to express, and to impress!

Ramp it Up

Suitable for dancers of 6 months or more

AIM: To add some drama to your freestyle dancing


Nailed the beginner moves, have some increased repertoire… time to literally step it up with some fancy footwork to burn up the dance floor. Lots of travelling moves, to sweep your partner off their feet.  A super fun and dramatic workshop.

I like to move it move it!

Dance workshops

Any Questions...?

What do I bring?

Dance shoes, your favourite drink, maybe a change of top as we will work you hard! Apart from that, just your enthusiasm and smiles.

What’s included?

Three hours of expert instruction and practice time, as well as tea, coffee, squash, biscuits, and most importantly: Cake!


Should I book?


Yes, yes, YES! We want you to get the best experience possible, so just book according to your ability. For example, if you are new to dancing, ramp it up is probably not the one for you…. Yet!


If you need any guidance on what, or if to book please pop us an email.

What if I don't have a partner?

We will rotate partners as we do in our evening classes – important as you get to experience everyone’s lead and follow – and as you know we are all unique!

It would help us, but it is not essential, if you can book on with a lead/follow, as for your best experience we want to keep the workshops as balanced as possible.

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