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  • Do I need to bring a partner?
    No, you can attend any of our classes by yourself, or with a friend - we rotate partners throughout the class, so whether you want to dance the lead or the follow, (traditionally men lead, but many women are giving the lead role a go!) you won't be left on the sidelines because you didn't bring someone with you. During the freestyle dances, most people will ask others to dance with them, and our regular dancers are friendly, so you'll almost certainly have fun with us.
  • What shoes should I wear?
    Ladies: It really is up to you - you need something comfortable that will allow you to turn and spin easily. Some ladies like a flat shoe, others a small heel, and some prefer a high heel, so choose what suits your body and your personal style. Many beginners think trainers are a good idea, however they can be too grippy and won't allow you to spin on the balls of your feet. Wedge heels aren't ideal, as they can be too chunky and you won't feel the floor properly. However, don't even think about stiletto heels. They are not permitted on the dance floor as they damage the floor, but they can be dangerous when the evening is busy - they can injure other dancers, and put you at risk of turning your ankle, no matter how comfortable they are for you to wear. You don't need to buy 'proper' dance shoes until you've had a few lessons and you've decided the right height heel and so on. Gentlemen: Leather soled shoes are a great option, such as a typical brogue, Oxford shoe, or any type of smart shoe. All dancers: Some dancers like Converse style shoes, or skater style trainers, and Toms are popular, particularly with dancers that also dance other styles of dance.
  • What clothes should I wear?
    When people that haven't danced yet hear the name modern jive, they often think of big dresses that flare out, and men wearing braces and trilby hats. While some dancers wear stunning dresses with layers of petticoats underneath, you don't have to wear those if you don't feel comfortable in them. Jeans and a t-shirt are absolutely OK, especially for a normal class night, but the most important thing is that you're comfortable and can move without being restricted. If you're attending a themed freestyle night, you're invited to dress according to the theme, but if you don't fancy it, you're welcome to wear whatever you're comfortable dancing in.
  • What happens at a Love 2 Jive class?
    We start with a class for beginners shortly after 8pm - although many of our regular and experienced dancers take part in this class too. In this class, you'll usually learn a short routine made up of three or four moves, and by the end of the class, you should be able to dance this routine over and over, so you can dance an entire track. Depending on how many leaders and followers (men and women) there are, we move dancers around based on how many more there are - so you'll often hear teachers saying "one lady round please", and all the ladies move on to the next dancer in the room. When the beginner class finishes, there's around 15 minutes of dancing to allow you to practice, and general freestyle dancing. The intermediate class begins at 9pm, and follows a similar format to the earlier class. Once the intermediate class has finished, Andy keeps us dancing with music through until 10.45 - although of course, you're free to leave earlier in the evening if you prefer.
  • What music do you play at Love 2 Jive?
    Andy, our regular DJ plays a wide variety of tracks that are suitable for modern jive dancing, from the 1950s through to current chart hits. You're welcome to ask Andy if you have a particular favourite, and he does his best to accommodate everyone's taste - although remember, it isn't possible for a DJ to please all dancers, all of the time!
  • How much does it cost to attend a Love 2 Jive class?
    We keep costs as low as we can. Our current fee is £7.50 and we've not increased prices for a number of years. You'll need to bring cash, but there's a cash machine at Asda, which is just a few minutes walk, should you need it.
  • Can I use talc or Slipperine on the floor?
    We're truly blessed with an excellent sprung dance floor at Waterlooville Community Centre, but the nature of the venue being for the community means that sometimes, there hasn't been time for the centre staff to do a proper clean of the floor between messier users. We know that some dancers like to use talc, Slipperine, or other waxes by their tables or where they are dancing, however please, PLEASE do NOT use any type of product that makes the floor more slippy at our venue. It is difficult to clean, and can cause accidents, not only for our dancers, but for users of the hall the next morning that may be unaware it is slippy.
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