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Valentine's Dance 2024

It wouldn't be the week of Valentine's Day without a slew of dances that demand you wear red, pink, or something similar. Since we were totally in the mood for love at Love2Jive, we went with our traditional Wear Red theme, and we had loads of lovely dancers that came out for the event.

Unfortunately our resident photographer Alan has been poorly, and so was unable to work his usual magic with his lens, so instead we captured photos with our phones. While they are definitely not up to Alan's usual standard, you'll get a feel for the night through them.

As usual, you can click or tap the arrows to the left and right to see the photos, or if you're on a smartphone, you can swipe left and right too.

Fancy some video? Here's some from Anne and Maria - Thanks so much for catching these!

Our next event will be the Modern Jive Classics, just two weeks away on 27th February.

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