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A Double Trouble Treat!

After the success of our Night at the Movies at the end of January, we thought we'd take it a bit easier for our February theme night on 28th with a double trouble class - at least, it was a bit easier for the ladies!

Prior to our double trouble class was Sally's inaugural beginner class with Love 2 Jive. Sally is an experienced dance teacher, with seven years of modern jive teaching under her belt, as well as other styles of dancing. An injury has seen her out of her dance shoes for quite some time, and we were excited to welcome her back to teaching, and to the local dance scene at Love 2 Jive. She's a lovely lady, and a fun and enthusiastic teacher with some lovely styling tricks for the ladies up her sleeve, so we can't wait to see what she does next.

During our intermediate class slot, Tim, Anne, and Sandra took our dancers through a double trouble class. If you're not familiar with double trouble, it is where one leader dances with two follows - usually a man dancing two ladies. This is a LOT of fun, but takes quite a lot of brain power for the leaders - and there's usually quite a lot of confused faces throughout the class, and this class was no exception.

With so much going on, it isn't surprising that there were more than 65 dancers in attendance - including many faces we'd not seen for a while, and some new faces too! We're delighted that Sally's first class teaching after a break went well. It is always nerve wracking after a break, but Sally made it look like she'd never been away.

Stay tuned for our next theme night, which will be at the end of March.

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