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Skool Daze at Love2Jive

With September coming around fast, we decided that our end of August freestyle would be a Skool Daze, back to school theme. And, well... When we decided on this theme, we could never have guessed there would be so many dancers that would come out to play, and all in such brilliant fancy dress! Not only were there plenty of school uniforms on show, but there were other school characters in attendance looking absolutely fantastic too, including headteachers, science teachers, and the caretaker. Over 90 dancers were in attendance, and most people came dressed for the occasion, which made for an amazing group photo, as you'll see below.

With so many people dressed up, there was little wonder that smiling faces were everywhere, and with Andy absolutely nailing the playlist, there was plenty of singing going on too.

Huge thanks to our resident photographer Alan for catching such brilliant shots - with his expertise, you'll certainly be able to tell which photos came from his camera, and which came from my phone and Anne's! I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing through them as much as I have.

Click or tap the triangle arrows on the sides of the photos to see more, or you can swipe from right to left to move through the show.

Just a short clip that Anne took from the stage - you should be able to tap, or click on the video to play.

Our next freestyle will be on Tuesday, 26th September.

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